About Meito Shodokai

About Us

Meito Shodo Kai Calligraphy Association was established in 1996 as a non-profit organization and has been approved and registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization since 2007.

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is an art form in which the brush creates living art utilizing the balance between lines and space. Meito Shodo Kai Calligraphy Association aims to promote this traditional Japanese art form in the United States through education and exhibition. With locations in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California, Meito Shodo Kai members are actively involved in communities and strive to spread the appreciation of the art form as it is passed down, from masters to their students.

The organization is one of the largest Japanese calligraphy association in the United States with over one hundred members, many of whom have received top awards at prestigious calligraphy competitions in Japan and US. Meito Shodo Kai pursues the graphic beauty of kanji (Chinese characters imported to Japan and still used today)  from various aspects of style and expression.

Anyone who understands and supports the organizational goals can become a member of Meito Shodo Kai through an approval process by board members.


How do I join Meito Shodo Kai?

Difference between Meito Shodo Kai and Akashi Shodo Kyoshitsu (Class room) 

Akashi Shodo Kyoshitsu

Class room

  • We lean Shodo in kyoshitsu(class room)
  • Entrance fee and monthly fee is required
  • You have an opportunity to try out before joining the regular class

Meito Shodo Kai

Non profit organization

  • Teachers and students work together to introduce Sho in the community
  • Members are required to be regular students of Akashi Shodo Kyoshitsu
  • Annual membership fee is required