The 14th Calligraphy Exhibition (Seattle Center)

In Seattle where the maple trees turn red ahead of Japan, the 14th Calligraphy Exhibition was held for 2 days from Saturday October 27th 2018 at the A/NT Gallery located in the Seattle Center. This glass wall art gallery is right in front of the large water fountain surrounded by colorful maple trees which lots of people who are passing by would stop and take a look inside. The colored trees added some beautiful essence to our exhibition.

At the opening ceremony, we had guests from the Japanese Consulate General Takayuki Ishikawa, Professor Takemoto Ryo from Whitman University and the Goodwill Japanese Food Culture Ambassador Mr. Suetsugu Takayuki.

The theme of the exhibition was “The Playful Brush”. The Chairman Fujii demonstrated the calligraphy on a large paper for two days, and we had more audience than the we could invite into the venue.